Suicide Door Kits Designed for Your Car, Truck and SUV

Suicide Door Kits Designed for Your Car, Truck and SUV

What’s old is new again! Suicide Doors were hugely popular in the 1940’s and 50’s and are making a comeback in a big way with car enthusiasts the world over from car enthusiast to the Detroit auto show major manufacturers and everyday car owners alike are realizing just how amazing and practical these doors are on everyday vehicles!

Suicide Door Kits

Not only are these doors extremely cool, they are very practical too! Rear Suicide Doors give you tons of access to the back seat of your vehicle, which is great for transporting kids in car seats, groceries or bulky cargo! Front suicide doors are great for people with mobility limitations who use wheelchairs or walkers, especially from a passenger perspective! With more and more people wanting to convert their existing vehicle to s suicide door setup, there are two things to remember.

1) Make sure the Suicide Door Hinges you are your using are designed specifically for your vehicle. This way when they are installed and you go to open your door for the first time its a flawless fit and finish!

2) When we do installations with properly engineered hinges there is only one thing to remember. Leave the factory door hinges in place, undisturbed, for the majority of the installation. Because the hinges curve arc and offset is correct for the vehicle, if you follow the installation guide step by step, the installation is easy because you don’t have to take the door off of the factory OEM door hinges at all during the install. This guarantees a perfect fit and finish the first time; every time! ONLY vehicle specific Suicide hinge kits will give you a properly functioning door with a 90 or 180 degree range of motion, these suicide hinges are light years ahead of the universal kits most installers are used to fighting with.

If you follow the two steps above the install time is easy cut in half if not more and the results look like the vehicle came that way from the factory even if you’ve never done a door modification before. By supplying all the pockets and eliminating the need for extensive fabrication, these vehicle specific suicide door kits install in no time! Not only does this mean your car is ready sooner, but it saves you a ton of money on the installation cost.

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